Friday, October 22, 2010

Ultimate Guide to Event Management 5

Part 1.3: Procedures & Fulfilling Pre-Requisites

Reminder: This part is very crucial as students (project managers) were mainly stuck and delayed in progress at this stage due to lack of understanding in addressing or fulfilling the requisites needed.

These are the steps needed to be taken after your first meeting if you are the project manager;
  • Ask the secretary to compile the working paper
  • Meet the advisor, explain regarding the project you are doing and inform him/her that you will give them updates regarding the progress
  • Meet with the Student Council (SC), explaining to him/her regarding the program and ask them to write a recommendation letter
  • When the working paper is ready, get a real hand signature from the advisor, project manager & secretary then compile it with recommendation letter from SC (Insert with support letter if any)
With the above ready, continue with the procedures that you need to go through before getting the approval. Latest procedures in CUCMS is as below;

In other words, you need to get approval through both channels before you can proceed with the execution stage. There are two channels which are:
  • Student Council (SC), Student Affair (STAD) and Student Service Committee Meeting (SSCM)
  • Academic Faculty i.e. Dean - Prof Hatta Shaharom
The purpose of sending the working paper to them is to gain approval. The SC-STAD-SSCM however, provides extra support; approval and financial aid. Financial aid is applicable if you pass through every prerequisites during discussion of the Financial Executive Meeting (FEM).

The details regarding duration and pre-requisites of both channels will be updated later.

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