Friday, October 8, 2010

Ultimate Guide to Event Management: Prequel

By: Dr^Waqipedia

Dealing with numerous events and programs in previous years gave me the chance to learn deeper regarding event management. Of course, learning is not only from reading but also from doing, through experiences. If you learn the Cone of Learning, it states that reading or hearing will give you 10-20% of understanding but by doing or applying, you will learn more which gives about 80-90% of comprehension.

That's why, in any field of learning, whether in medicine or accountancy, what you learn in school is just maybe 30% applicable towards life because you didn't really apply it in life. However, once you start working, maybe a houseman in hospital or as an accountant at a big company, you will understand that it's totally different. That's the reason why people always talk about Street Smart Versus School Smart.

Ok, for now, neglect those. Let's start thinking about organizing and handling an event. I'm sure that if there is anyone who is into student activism, they will have gone through what I have gone through before.   

Previously, when I organized events or programs, I never learnt the management formally. I didn't have any guides for reading, no seniors for mentoring; only skilled friends to guide me. Although the projects were successful, I felt that there were a lot of weaknesses and loopholes mainly because I didn't know how to handle it, not well-planned, lack of leadership and of course, no experience. 

I'm sure the same thing happened to my juniors, or at least to anyone who has never organized any programs or events in their lives. That's why, when I brainstormed and asked around, most of them hope that there is a simple guideline to help them lead the way. They want to find how to plan and improve handling of events while at the same time plan the events in simple, effective, productive and less time-consuming ways. 

With all this in mind, then YES, most definitely we all need a handbook to guide the future potential and current event managers. We need a book for event management. And currently, I, together with 2 of my juniors are working on it. We plan to call it the ULTIMATE GUIDE TO EVENT MANAGEMENT.  Watch out for it!       

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