Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ultimate Guide to Event Management 3

By: Dr^Waqipedia

Part 1.1: Create a Vision

When I was first year medical student, I came out with an idea to project a medical outreach program in Kelantan, as our team named it 'Le Tour de Kelantan'. It's the pioneer project of 'Le Tour de' program that had been done since 4 years ago. Although the program was successful (since the participants enjoyed it very much) but the planning and management was really bad. I'm very sure of it because I was the project manager. It's not my team's mistakes. It's mine.

I could list it down one by one, all the 1001 reasons of my mistakes in planning and handling the project but what I realize the most is the lacking in my 'vision'. That's my biggest mistake.

The lack in vision cause impairment on my planning sight. I have the idea but I couldn't see the 'big picture'. When I couldn't see the whole picture, of course there will be a lot of loopholes in the planning towards the execution stage. Thanks God that I have great team and comrades who guide through and back me up.

Looking at the big picture of your idea will guide you through the planning and the execution stage. It's a fact. That's why, I want to introduce you all with a simple triangle in event management that will help you creating the vision before starts on planning stage.

Let's see this triangle, Triangle of Vitalities, which I borrowed it from Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

The interesting part of it is; it's applicable to other things such as building business plan, society management etc. In event management, every time you think of an idea, let's have a seat and take time to think. Having a piece of paper and a pen would help you to see it clearly. Start scratching those 2 outstanding features here, the internal core and the external part. 

The internal part includes of 5 things which is hidden, that people doesn't know much about but it will be the very core things which if you doesn't take care of it, your team and project will crumble. There are;
  • Product: the end result of an action or process i.e. do circumcision for 100 children, do medical check up to a 150 community 
  • Legality: obligations imposed by rules i.e. approval from administration, ask permission for venue
  • Systems: an organized process or method i.e. timeline and milestone, flowchart of working
  • Communications: the activity of conveying information i.e. update and contact with sponsors, administration, committees or to the community
  • Cash flow: the movement of cash into or out i.e. expenditure and profit of the event or program
For the external part; there are 3 three important items that commonly people outsiders see and value us. It's mission, team and leadership. Those points are quite a big subject but there are several things that I need to highlight.

  • Specify and clarify your idea into goals and objectives. 
  • Believe that it's for the sake of connecting you, your team, your society and people out there; not just about you. It's about who you want to serve and contribute.
  • To include entrepreneurial spirit, apply Hedgehog Concept of 3 circles: Be the best in what your passion is while at the same time, generating your economy.
  • Balance both the humanitarian and entrepreneurial spirit.  
  • Aim of building a great team with cumulative effort
  • Jim Collins in Good to Great mentioned that you need the right people on your team, and place them on the right position.
  • For the same reason, the only way to deliver to the people who are achieving is to not burden them with the people who are not achieving. 
  • Right people - is the most important asset   
3-Leadership: It's too much to talk about. We will cover it in Management & Administrative Guide.

Scratch this on your paper and your mind before start on assembling your team and do the planning. 

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